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Why "season of Aries"? First, Aries season is the beginning of the zodiacal new year, which usually takes place during the spring equinox. Who doesn't want to bring in the new year with fun, vibrant, fiery Aries energy? Let alone, what better time then when things are starting to bloom and the rebirth period is here!

Its also connected to my stripper name because everyone at work thought I was an Aries (hint: i have very little fire signs in my chart). So over time I ran with this. I also thought its funny my name is Sierra and Aries is almost it backwards? Okay, more like seira but you catch my drift.

I mainly focus on hellenistic astrology. Ive had a few clients here and there, some people I've helped create forecasts for their whole family. Point being, I'm here to answer any astrological questions. Just let me know!

I currently have a B.S in sociology and psychology. Though, I am studying astrology and I am in my third year of acupuncture school which includes everything under the TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) umbrella. This includes; but certainly is not limited to herbs, acupuncture, tuina, and other healing modalities. I feel very blessed to even get a chance to study such an amazing medicine, and likewise to study such an old science that is astrology. In my future business I will be working with both TCM and astrological concepts in the treatment room.

Welcome to my ramblings & research. I hope you find something interesting here!


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